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Scott Riley Founder and Director

We're honest, hardworking and great to do business with. We can help you with your Microsoft Office 365 or Azure project. Whether you're yet to start or you're on the way and need more help, we've got you covered. We're absolute experts in this as our specialty, we don't pretend to be all things to everyone. We do this and we do it really well because it's our only focus.

ABOUT Cloud Nexus

We believe that technology should make life easier, not harder. We help people move to the cloud, secure their data and work with customers in awesome new ways using Teams, Sharepoint and OneDrive.

We’re experts in Microsoft Office 365 and Azure. We take stock of where you are today, safely migrate your business data and licences to the cloud, secure everything (properly) and then make sure everyone in the organisation can use the new tools and make the most of your monthly licence fees.

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50% off Microsoft Office 365 Security Healthcheck

Our 50 point health-check runs through your Office 365 configuration settings and matches them up with our expertise, industry best practice and some sound guidance from the UK Government National CyberSecurity Centre. We'll put one of our security experts on the task of matching up your current settings against our recommended expectations. It'd quite comprehensive so it will take us a day to run through the configuration, run all of our checks and then pop it into a report for you. We'll then run through the findings with you on a 1 hour call and offer advice and suggestions on how you can fix any serious issues.

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