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Andrew Atthowe Director

When not working can be found chasing around his two young children and loves getting out on his bike or going for a run to clear his head.

ABOUT S2 Computers Ltd

IT is meant to make life easier. But let’s face it, a lot of the time the opposite is true.

Little computer niggles can quickly turn into huge issues that cost you time and money. Hackers are always on the lookout for new victims, and if you become one of them you’ve now got the GDPR police to worry about too.

And then there’s flaky IT companies. You know the ones – they’ll promise you the world but let you down when the proverbial hits the fan.

If you’ve had enough of wasting your money and dealing with broken promises, let us come to the rescue.

We know that IT is integral to your business, but we won’t take advantage. What we will do is help you find the right solution for you and your budget and keep your data safe from the bad guys.

We keep our promises, so you can keep yours.

Advice & Consultancy Cloud Infrastructure Cloud Migrations Cyber Security Data Backup & DR Hardware Supply & Install IT Service Desk Microsoft Experts Network Infrastructure Virtualisation
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Meet Our Team
Richard Stone
The newest recruit at S2, Richard has built a lifelong career in technology and spent 17 years in an IT role at a West Midlands manufacturing company. He’s great at fixing computer problems and is always happy to answer customer enquiries, sharing the extensive experience he’s built over the years. Richard is an enthusiastic DIYer and loves building and fixing things around the home a skill that will no doubt come in handy with a new baby joining the family in November 2019!
James Mason
James is the youngest member of the team, coming fresh from college where he achieved a triple distinction star in an IT Level 3 BTEC. When he’s not busy fixing IT issues and building his new career James can usually be found gardening, tinkering with his computer or gaming with his friends.
Graham Bygrave
Senor Technician
Andrew’s right hand man, Graham is a very knowledgeable engineer with many years of experience. He’s an excellent problem solver who you can always count on to stay calm in a crisis, and he loves a good brew. Graham is a key figure in the local community and was named Radio Norwich’s Local Hero 2016 for his contribution to the area. He’s the founder of Go Social, a well established social community serving Norwich, Norfolk and North Suffolk that Graham set up in 2013. He’s also a Trustee of Norwich charity Connects & Co, a support group for young carers living with the effects of terminal illness, disability and addiction.

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